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AJSE - Engineering

The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE) is a peer-reviewed Journal and publishes (under AJSE-Engineering) rigorous and original contributions in the Engineering disciplines of Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Petroleum, Systems and Computer Science and Engineering.

Starting January 2011, AJSE is published by the prestigious international publisher, Springer Publishing. AJSE publishes Nine Engineering issues every year. All published online papers before January 2011 is accessible at

AJSE is abstracted/indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (ISI Citation Databases), Ulrich’s Periodical Directory, DOAJ, Chemical Abstracts, INIS Atomindex, Current Contents, GeoRef, AskIEEE, among others.  Also, AJSE is distributed to University Libraries and other subscribers worldwide.  

AJSE publishes full-length original articles, reviews articles on specialized topics, technical notes, and technical reports.

AJSE Impact Factor for 2017 is 1.092


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March 2019, Volume 44, Number 3




Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Domain Decomposition Approach for Preconditioning in Massive MIMO Systems

Abdelouahab Bentrcia

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Three-phase Nine-level Fault Tolerant Asymmetrical Inverter

Santosh Kumar MaddugariVijay B Borghate

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

An Efficient Graphical Method for Load-Flow Solution of Distribution Systems

Krishna MurariNarayana Prasad Padhy

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Novel Three-Phase Inverter Fault Diagnosis System Using Three-dimensional Feature Extraction and Neural Network

Muhammad TalhaFurqan AsgharSung Ho Kim

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Design and Simulation of MEMS Electrothermal Compliant Actuator-Based Analog-to-Digital Converter

P. PandiyanG. UmaM. Umapathy

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Spectral Efficiency Comparison of Asynchronous MC-CDMA, MC DS-CDMA and MT-CDMA with Carrier Frequency Offset

Junaid Ahmed

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Cooperative Robot Deployment: Simulation and Real Experimental Analysis

Gamal SallamUthman Baroudi

Adaptive Distance Relaying for Grid-Connected Line with Consideration of Single-Phase Auto-Reclosing

Jitendra KumarPremalata Jena

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Neural Network-Based Robust Online SOC and SOH Estimation for Sealed Lead–Acid Batteries in Renewable Systems

Muhammad TalhaFurqan AsgharSung Ho Kim

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Design of Interval Type-2 Fractional-Order Fuzzy Logic Controller for Redundant Robot with Artificial Bee Colony

Anupam KumarVijay Kumar

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Relay Selection for Broadcast Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks Using AF and DF Relaying

Ghassan AlnwaimiHatem Boujemaa

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Design of Digital Differentiator Using the L1L1 -Method and Swarm Intelligence-Based Optimization Algorithms

Apoorva AggarwalManjeet KumarT. K. Rawat

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Analog Realization of Electronically Tunable Fractional-Order Differ-Integrators

Divya GoyalPragya Varshney

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Design Considerations for Enhanced Coupling Coefficient and Misalignment tolerance Using Asymmetrical Circular Coils for WPT System

Ravikiran VakaRitesh Kumar Keshri

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Synthesis of Linear Antenna Arrays Using Enhanced Firefly Algorithm

Urvinder SinghRohit Salgotra

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Exact Cross-Term Decomposition Method for Loss Allocation in Contemporary Distribution Systems

Pankaj KumarNikhil GuptaK. R. Niazi

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Suboptimal Output Tracking and Regulation of a Class of Nonlinear Systems

Salman ZaffarAttaullah Y. Memon

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Determination of Optimal Reserve Requirement for Fuel Cost Minimization of a Microgrid Under Load and Generation Uncertainties

Avirup MaulikDebapriya Das

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Chlorine Soft Sensor Based on Extreme Learning Machine for Water Quality Monitoring

Mohamed DjeriouiMohamed Bouamar

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Analysis of Relay-Assisted OFDMA Cellular Systems with Different Frequency Reuse Techniques

Imbaby I. MahmoudOsama H. Elgazzar

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Fault Ride-Through and Power Smoothing Control of PMSG-Based Wind Generation Using Supercapacitor Energy Storage System

Muhammed Y. WorkuM. A. Abido

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Model Predictive Control Approach for Bridge-Type Fault Current Limiter in VSC-HVDC System

M. Shafiul AlamM. A. Abido

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Real-Time Control of Pressure Plant Using 2DOF Fractional-Order PID Controller

Kishore BingiRosdiazli Ibrahim

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Switching Control Paradigms for Adaptive Cruise Control System with Stop-and-Go Scenario

Z. HaroonB. KhanU. FaridS. M. Ali

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Performance Enhancement of PV-Fed Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Power Quality Improvement Using JAYA Optimized Control Philosophy

Santanu Kumar DashPravat Kumar Ray

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Modified Space Vector PWM Approach for Nine-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter

Hemanth Kumar Busireddy

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Functional Quantization-Based Data Compression in Seismic Acquisition

Hamood ur Rehman KhanSalam A. Zummo

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Pareto-Based Multi-objective Optimization for Fractional Order PIλPIλ Speed Control of Induction Motor by Using Elman Neural Network

Metin DemirtasErdem IltenHaris Calgan

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Technique for Adaptive Equalization

Ali A. Al-ShaikhiAdil H. Khan

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Realistic Uplink–Downlink Coupled and Decoupled User Association Technique for K-tier 5G HetNets

Muhammad Nadeem SialJunaid Ahmed

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Collocation Method for First Passage Time Problem of Power Systems Subject to Stochastic Excitations

Junqiang WeiGengyin Li

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Accelerated Opposition-Based Antlion Optimizer with Application to Order Reduction of Linear Time-Invariant Systems

Shail Kumar DinkarKusum Deep

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Round Robin, Centralized and Distributed Relay Selection for Cooperative Systems Using Blind and Non-Blind Relays

Nadhir Ben HalimaHatem Boujemâa

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Novel Time-Switching Relaying Protocol for Multi-user Relay Networks with SWIPT

Ahmed A. Al-habobAnas M. Salhab

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Fractional-Order Sliding Mode Control for D-STATCOM Connected Wind Farm Based DFIG Under Voltage Unbalanced

K. D. E. KerroucheL. WangA. Mezouar

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Linear-Quadratic Regulator Algorithm-Based Cascaded Control Scheme for Performance Enhancement of a Variable-Speed Wind Energy Conversion System

Mahmoud A. SolimanHany M. Hasanien

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Application of Hierarchical Encoding Scheme in Distribution Networks Reconfiguration

Juan WenYang-hong TanLin Jiang

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Low-Cost Portable Wireless Multi-frequency Electrical Impedance Tomography System

Gurmeet singhSneh AnandBrejesh Lall

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Novel and Reduced CPU Time Modeling and Simulation Methodology for Path Planning Based on Resistive Grids

Carlos Hernández-MejíaHéctor Vázquez-Leal

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Slow Light Propagation in Photonic Crystal-Based Meandering Delay Lines Using the PTS Material

Mahdi TaheriMasoud OmoomiJalil Mazloum

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A 10-Bit Differential Ultra-Low-Power SAR ADC with an Enhanced MSB Capacitor-Split Switching Technique

Sreenivasulu PolineniM. S. Bhat

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

An Interpolation-Based Approach to Time-Varying Equalizer Design

Muhammad Qaisrani

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Internal Multimodel Control for Nonlinear Overactuated Systems

Nahla TouatiImen SaidiAhmed Dhahri

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Overlapping Coalition-Based Resource and Power Allocation for Enhanced Performance of Underlaying D2D Communication

Sandeepika SharmaBrahmjit Singh

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Discrete-Time Flatness-Based Control Design for LTV MIMO Systems

Marouen SleimiMohamed Ben Abdallah

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A New Hybrid Position/Force Control Scheme for Coordinated Multiple Mobile Manipulators

Manju RaniNaveen Kumar

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Quality-Aware Fuzzy-Logic-Based Vertical Handover Decision Algorithm for Device-to-Device Communication

Meenakshi SubramaniVinoth Babu Kumaravelu

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

A Comprehensive Study and Performance Evaluation of HDR Video Coding

Junaid MirDumidu S. Talagala

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer System with New Resonant Circuit for High Efficiency Using Perforated Capacitors

Rachid KeridHicham Bourouina

Research Article - Electrical Engineering

An Improved Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation for Nine-Level Asymmetric Cascaded H-Bridge Three-Phase Inverter

Busireddy Hemanth Kumar

Research Article - Systems Engineering

New Interquartile Range EWMA Control Charts with Applications in Continuous Stirred Tank Rector Process

Shahid HussainLixin SongShabbir Ahmad

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Research on Intelligent Minefield Attack Decision Based on Adaptive Fireworks Algorithm

Ma YanZhao HandongZhang Wei

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Bayesian Estimation of Parameters of Reliability and Maintainability of a Component under Imperfect Repair and Maintenance

Ahmed Farouk Abdul MoneimMootaz Ghazy

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Experimental Evaluation of Overlapping Strategy for the Multimode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem

Zihao ChuZhe XuFang Xie

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Optimal PI and PID Temperature Controls for a Dehydration Process

Nicolás Cervantes-Escorcia

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Experimental Validation of Exergy Optimization of a Flat-Plate Solar Collector in a Thermosyphon Solar Water Heater

Koholé Yemeli WenceslasTchuen Ghislain

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Agile Supply Chain Assessment: An Empirical Study on Concepts, Research and Issues

Mohammad AlKahtaniAteekh Ur Rehman

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Reliability Modeling of Redundant Systems Considering CCF Based on DBN

Zhiqiang LiTingxue XuJunyuan Gu

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Reliability optimization of tools with increasing failure rates in a flexible manufacturing system

Behzad KarimiS. T. A. NiakiHassan Haleh

Research Article - Systems Engineering

A Robust Fractional Order Parallel Control Structure for Flow Control using a Pneumatic Control Valve with Nonlinear and Uncertain Dynamics

Vishal GoyalPuneet Mishra

Research Article - Systems Engineering

A New Approach for Real-Time Traffic Delay Estimation Based on Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems at the Signal Intersection

Haiqing LiuLaxmisha RaiJianchun Wang

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Fuzzy Logic-Based Robust and Autonomous Safe Landing for UAV Quadcopter

Muhammad TalhaFurqan AsgharAli Rohan

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Vehicle Routing Problem in Reverse Logistics with Split Demands of Customers and Fuel Consumption Optimization

Alireza EydiHadi Alavi

Research Article - Systems Engineering

A Generalized Economic Order Quantity Inventory Model with Shortage: Case Study of a Poultry Farmer

Amir Hossein Nobil

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Further Results on Containment Control for Multi-Agent Systems with Variable Communication Delay

Zhipeng LiTao LiRuiting YuanShumin Fei

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Some Generalized Complex Intuitionistic Fuzzy Aggregation Operators and Their Application to Multicriteria Decision-Making Process

Harish GargDimple Rani

Research Article - Systems Engineering

An Efficient Phase I Analysis of Linear Profiles with Application in Photo-Voltaic System

Tahir MahmoodSaddam Akber Abbasi

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Synchronization Among Different Switches of Four Non-identical Chaotic Systems via Adaptive Control

Ayub KhanMridula BudhrajaAysha Ibraheem

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Cause–Effect Analysis for Multiple Misalignment Symptoms in Misalignment Correction Stage

Mengmeng ZhangHonghui ChenJunxian Liu

Research Article - Systems Engineering

A Linguistic Neutrosophic Multi-criteria Group Decision-Making Approach with EDAS Method

Ying-ying LiJian-qiang WangTie-li Wang

Research Article - Systems Engineering

A Bilinear Degradation Model Considering Unit-Specific Property

Xinlei WenZhihua WangJunxing Li

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Development of a Magnetorheological Damper of the Micro-vibration Using Fuzzy PID Algorithm

Lei ZhangWendong WangYikai Shi

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Generalized Cubic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Aggregation Operators Using t-Norm Operations and Their Applications to Group Decision-Making Process

Gagandeep KaurHarish Garg

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Response Surface Methodology Integrated with Desirability Function and Genetic Algorithm Approach for the Optimization of CNC Machining Parameters

Ender HazirTuncay Ozcan

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Passenger Satisfaction Evaluation of Public Transportation in Istanbul by Using Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment Methodology

Özge Nalan BilişikŞükran Şeker

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Performance Modeling of Fault-Tolerant Machining System with Working Vacation and Working Breakdown

Madhu JainRicha SharmaRakesh Kumar Meena

Research Article - Systems Engineering

Robustness Analysis of Interdependent Urban Critical Infrastructure Networks Against Cascade Failures

Fang ZhouYongbo YuanMingyuan Zhang


Correction to: Functional Quantization-Based Data Compression in Seismic Acquisition

Hamood ur Rehman KhanSalam A. Zummo


Erratum to: Enhancing Efficiency of the Test Case Prioritization Technique by Improving the Rate of Fault Detection

Soumen NayakChiranjeev Kumar


Erratum to: A New High-Voltage-Gain Non-Isolated Zero-Current-Switching Bidirectional DC–DC Converter

Rajesh Thumma


Correction to: Some Aggregation Operators for Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set and its Application to Group Decision-Making Process Using the Set Pair Analysis

Harish GargKamal Kumar


Correction to: AES Hardware Accelerator on FPGA with Improved Throughput and Resource Efficiency

Manjith Baby Chellam


Correction to: A Novel Approach by Injecting CCG Supertags into an Arabic–English Factored Translation Machine

Hamdi Ahmed Rajeh AliZhiyong Li


Correction to: Evolutionary Computation-Based Techniques Over Multiple Data Sets: An Empirical Assessment

Manju KhariPrabhat Kumar

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