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AJSE - Engineering

The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE) is a peer-reviewed Journal and publishes (under AJSE-Engineering) rigorous and original contributions in the Engineering disciplines of Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Petroleum, Systems and Computer Science and Engineering.

Starting January 2011, AJSE is published by the prestigious international publisher, Springer Publishing. AJSE publishes Nine Engineering issues a year. All published online papers before January 2011 is accessible at

AJSE is abstracted/indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (ISI Citation Databases), Ulrich’s Periodical Directory, DOAJ, Chemical Abstracts, INIS Atomindex, Current Contents, GeoRef, AskIEEE, among others.  Also, AJSE is distributed to University Libraries and other subscribers worldwide.  

AJSE publishes full-length original articles, reviews articles on specialized topics, technical notes, and technical reports.


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December 2015, Volume 40, Number 12

Issue published by Springer


Research Article - Civil Engineering


Calibration of PARAMICS Model: Application of Artificial Intelligence-Based Approach

Nedal T. Ratrout, Syed M. Rahman, Imran Reza

Research Article - Computer Engineering and Computer Science


FPS-Tree Algorithm to Find Top-k Closed Itemsets in Data Streams

Zahoor ur Rehman, Muhammad Shahbaz

Research Article - Computer Engineering and Computer Science


A Mutation-Based Approach for Testing AsmetaL Specifications

Jameleddine Hassine, Osama Alkrarha

Research Article - Computer Engineering and Computer Science


Efficient Machine Learning Technique for Web Page Classification

S. Markkandeyan, M. Indra Devi

Research Article - Electrical Engineering


Design and Performance Analysis of a PWM dc–dc Buck Converter Using PI–Lead Compensator

Man Mohan Garg, Yogesh Vijay Hote

Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


Performance and Optimization of Air Gap Membrane Distillation System for Water Desalination

Atia E. Khalifa, Dahiru U. Lawal

Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer, Pressure Drop and Wall Shear Stress Characteristics of Al2O3-Water Nanofluid in a Square Duct

Okyar Kaya

Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


Effects of Fe Content on Microstructures and Properties of AlCoCrFe x Ni High-Entropy Alloys

Qiushi Chen, Kaiyao Zhou, Li Jiang

Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


CFD Modeling of Toxic Element Evolved During Coal Combustion

Esam I. Jassim

Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


Optimization of Combustion Performance of Bioethanol (Water Hyacinth) Diesel Blends on Diesel Engine Using Response Surface Methodology

Akhilesh Kumar Choudhary, H. Chelladurai

Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


Upstream and Downstream Step Curvature Effects on Film Cooling Effectiveness and Flow Structures

Fifi N. M. Elwekeel, Antar M. M. Abdala

Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


Multi-response Optimization of Cutting Parameters for Hole Quality in Drilling of AISI 1050 Steel

Güven Meral, Murat Sarıkaya, Hakan Dilipak

Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


Effects of the Difference Between the Static and the Kinetic Friction Coefficients on a Drill String Vibration Linear Approach

Liping Tang, Xiaohua Zhu

Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


A Finite Element for Spatial Static Analyses of Curved Thin-Walled Rectangular Beams Considering Eight Cross-Sectional Deformation Modes

Lei Zhang, Zhencai Zhu, Gang Shen

Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


Prediction of Kinematic Viscosities of Biodiesels Derived from Edible and Non-edible Vegetable Oils by Using Artificial Neural Networks

Tanzer Eryilmaz, Murat Kadir Yesilyurt

Research Article - Systems Engineering


Synchronization of Coupled Switched Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays

Guang He, Jian-An Fang, Zhen Li, Xin Wang


Copyright © 2008 by King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia.