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AJSE – science

The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE) is a peer-reviewed Journal and publishes under AJSE-Science, rigorous and original contributions in the Science disciplines of Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and Physics.  

Starting January 2011, AJSE is published by the prestigious international publisher, Springer Publishing.

AJSE is abstracted/indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (ISI Citation Databases), Ulrich’s Periodical Directory, DOAJ, Chemical Abstracts, INIS Atomindex, Current Contents, GeoRef, AskIEEE, among others.  Also, AJSE is distributed to University Libraries and other subscribers worldwide.  

AJSE publishes two Science issues every year. All published online papers before January 2011 is accessible at

AJSE publishes full-length original articles, reviews articles on specialized topics, technical notes, and technical reports.

Previous Issues

Jan 2014; Vol. 39-7

Jan 2014; Vol. 39-1

July 2013; Vol. 38-7

Jan 2013; Vol. 38-1

July 2012; Vol. 37-5

Jan  2012; Vol. 37-1

July 2011; Vol. 36-4

Jan  2011; Vol. 36-1

July 2010; Vol. 35-2A 

January 2010; Vol. 35-1A 

July 2009; Vol. 34-2A 

January 2009; Vol. 34-1A 

July 2008; Vol. 33-2A 

January 2008; Vol. 33-1A 

July 2007; Vol. 32-2A 

January 2007; Vol. 32-1A 

July 2006; Vol. 31-2A 

January 2006; Vol. 31-1A 

July 2005; Vol. 30-2A 

January 2005; Vol. 30-1A 

July 2004; Vol. 29-2A 

January 2004; Vol. 29-1A 

July 2003; Vol. 28-2A 

January 2003; Vol. 28-1A 

July 2002; Vol. 27-2A 

January 2002; Vol. 27-1A 








Research Article - Earth Sciences

Intelligent Landslide System Based on Discriminant Analysis and Cascade-Forward Back-Propagation Network


Mutasem Sh. Alkhasawneh, Lea Tien Tay, Umi Kalthum Ngah, Mohammad Subhi Al-batah, Nor Ashidi Mat Isa



Research Article - Earth Sciences

A Three-Dimensional Multi-Body Inversion Process of Gravity Fields of the Gheshm Sedimentary Basin


Seyed Ali Akbar Hosseini, Faramarz Doulati Ardejani, Seyed Hashem Tabatabaie, Ardeshir Hezarkhani


Research Article - Earth Sciences

Case Study of Weather Maintenance in Wind Power Generation


Ángel M. Costa, Gholamreza Roshan, José A. Orosa, Ángel Rodríguez-Fernández


Research Article - Earth Sciences

Characteristics of Stable Isotopes of Oxygen-18 and Deuterium of Groundwater in the Sana’a Basin Aquifer Systems, Yemen


Ahmed Al-ameri, Michael Schneider, Naif Abo-Lohom, Silvio Janetz


Research Article - Earth Sciences

An Evaluation on Geochemical Characteristics of Some Probable Source Rocks of Salman Oil Field in the Persian Gulf


Ahmad Vaezian, Mansour Ziaii, Mohammad Reza Kamali, Mehdi Khaleghi


Research Article - Earth Sciences

Chlorination at Treatment Plant and Drinking Water Quality: A Case Study of Different Sectors of Islamabad, Pakistan


Sara Qaiser, Imran Hashmi, Habib Nasir



Research Article - Earth Sciences

Stochastic Modelling of the Daily Rainfall Frequency and Amount


Naeem Sadiq




Research Article - Earth Sciences

Composition and Ceramic Properties of Carbonate-Bearing: Illitic Clays from North-Eastern Tunisia


Salah Mahmoudi, Ezzeddine Srasra, Fouad Zargouni




Research Article - Physics

Effects of Casimir Force and Thermal Stresses on the Buckling of Electrostatic Nanobridges Based on Couple Stress Theory


P. Mohammadi Dashtaki, Y. Tadi Beni


Research Article - Physics

Measurement of 222Rn Concentration and Exhalation Rate from Phosphate Rocks Using SSBD Detector in Saudi Arabia


Fatimh Alshahri



Research Article - Physics

Effects of Pb and Tl on Microstructures Properties of the Al–40wt%Zn Alloy


Emine Aldırmaz




Research Article - Physics

Thermal, Electrical, Microstructure and Microhardness Properties of the Eutectic Magnesium–Tin


Fatma Meydaneri, Buket Saatçi


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